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What The Shunt?


A photo posted by Effie Orfanides (@effieo) on

Wanted to write an update on Beau since many people have been asking. He had blood work done on Thursday to test his Phenobarbital levels — and they were perfect. However, the vet also ran a kidney and liver panel and found that his liver levels were elevated. This is interesting because he has been on liver meds since his seizure due to an elevated level… but his level has since gone up.

Now, the vet thinks that Beau may have a liver shunt. Sounds like good news, right? Not really. Liver shunts are very dangerous and can cause death if they aren’t caught/treated.

If Beau does have a shunt, he may need surgery. A surgery that is complicated. That will mean, of course, that he doesn’t have epilepsy… and that he won’t have to be on pheno… but we still won’t be completely out of the woods.

So, what’s next? He’s needing a bile-acid blood test and possibly an ultrasound. If they find a shunt, we talk about options then.

Best case scenario? Operable shunt. No more seizures, no more pheno. Normal, happy life after mom and dad bail themselves out of copious amounts of debt.

Worse case? Let’s not talk about it.

17 days seizure free.