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The most amazing weekend of my life…

It totally was my wedding weekend… but let’s be serious. This past weekend was such a close second! Yes, I go to a lot of shows and yes, I meet a bunch of people (celebrities) every year… but to be able to enjoy some amazing shows with some of my best friends? There’s nothing like it.

I started my epic weekend on Thursday, with The Lion King, which is in Boston as part of the Broadway in Boston series. I went with three of my gal friends… and I was beyond impressed. I think we all were. Aside from the story being one of my favorites from my childhood, the music and the costumes were amazing. A special shout out to Mpumpe Sikakane who was the understudy for Rafiki for our show. She.Was.Amazing.

Friday night I went to the Last Comic Standing Tour to support the top five comedians of this past season. Rod Man deserved every moment of his standing ovation. He was hilarious.

After a pretty late Friday night, I rested up on Saturday for one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull rocked the Garden for the Sex And Love Tour, and somehow I ended up in the front row (oh right, I paid for those tickets). Totally worth every moment. Pitbull is a great entertainer… and Enrique LOVES his fans — I would see them over and over again. Truly amazing.

Finally, on Sunday — my day to rest and prepare for the week — I made a last minute decision to get tickets to the Red Sox / Yankees game at Fenway Park. It was the last game of the season… and it meant nothing … unless you were a Derek Jeter fan. I cried like a baby as I watched Derek take his last at bat, and get his last hit (and RBI single) in MLB. There were more Yankees fans than Red Sox fans in Fenway Park for maybe the first and the last time ever, and just being with all of those people — those true baseball fans — saying goodbye to the captain… it was life-changing. It is a memory I will never, ever forget.

I have been a fan of Derek Jeter since 1996, when I watched my very first baseball game. I didn’t know much, but I learned. And it seemed like the Yankees would pull through in every important game because Captain Clutch did everything he could to make sure of it.

Saying goodbye to the one player that made me fall in love with baseball? The one player that made me want to learn about the game? That really made me a Yankees fan even though I’m from Boston? There are no words other than thank you. For everything.