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Effie’s Work

Effie began her career in 2009. She held five titles on Examiner.com before the site closed up shop in 2016. She started off as Boston’s Sex And Relationships Examiner and swiftly moved into covering Celebrity Relationships. Often the first to report on who is splitting up or who is hooking up, Effie is always on top of the tangled celebrity love web.

After focusing several months covering the relationships of your favorite celebs, Effie found herself wanting to expand her writing niche once more. She took on the title of Boston’s Pop Culture Examiner, where she wrote about everything mainstream from celebrities to trends to viral videos.

It was around this time that Effie applied for a job at Gather.com. She was accepted into their writing program where she further honed her craft, focusing on celebrity news. She transitioned with the company as they made some significant changes, and was able to keep swimming alongside her colleagues, many of whom she’s happy to call friends today.

As Gather.com struggled to keep up in the internet news world, Effie remained at the top of her game. She was offered opportunities to write for several other companies including Daily Glow, Bounty Paper Towels, and Verizon FiOS. While she learned a lot from these clients, Effie knew that she wanted to cover the news aspect of journalism, so she decided to focus solely on Examiner.com.

Effie applied for the position of Boston News Examiner and earned the spot. She started covering breaking news that was Boston-centric and then she ventured into national news territory. This is really when her career took off.

There was so much to learn, but Effie was determined. She was a top writer on every title she held, and soon brought in a million views a month. She was offered a position to write for CBS Boston where she was brought on to cover the best in food, drink, entertainment, shopping, and more.

Effie continued to grow on Examiner.com and applied for the Reality TV Examiner title. After receiving the title, she was offered a position to do some side work for the site in 2013. For a few years she curated the site’s Reality Television page, updating the content, and keeping reality television fans in the know with the most up-to-date information on their favorite shows. Her favorites? The Bachelorette and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

In April 2014, Effie applied to write for the Inquisitr. Taking all of her experience — and her loyal following — with her, Effie has quickly become one of the top writers on the site. She covers breaking news, celebrity news, politics, and other trending stories.

In June 2015, Effie was hired to write celebrity and entertainment news for Starpulse. She wrote various viral news and listicles for the site through November 2016.

In August 2015, Effie was given the opportunity to join Inquisitr’s team on a higher level. She has been helping the company in a couple of different ways behind the scenes, and while she has enjoyed the different perspective, she still tries to write whenever she can squeeze it in!

In November 2015, Effie was offered a job working for Divine Caroline. She has transitioned with the site and is now enjoying contributing to More.com.

Effie has loved learning more about how news is filtered on the internet and what people really like to read.

After working for over six years in the online news industry, Effie finally feels like she has a grasp on this crazy career of hers. She balances work between four sites, writing upwards of 10 articles a day, and is always searching for the next big story to break. It’s exhausting and rewarding at the same time… ┬ábut she wouldn’t change a thing.


Effie’s work has been featured on several websites. She has been a guest on radio shows, met, interviewed, and partied with tons of celebrities (from Derek Hough to Lil Jon), and has been able to share her knowledge and experiences with millions of people each and every month.