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About Effie

IMG_4742Effie Orfanides began writing professionally after she graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Massachusetts in 2006, majoring in English with a minor in Philosophy. While she had never envisioned writing for a living, her path writing online news soon and journalism would soon become set.

Having always possessed a talent for the written word and given constant encouragement from instructors and peers, Effie began with a relationship blog called “Legendary Heartbreak” and soon moved into writing news online. Throughout her journey, Effie’s work has been published on a variety of trending news outlets over in her decade-plus career.

In 2021, Effie decided to take the plunge and leave her position as director of operations for a well-known site in order to pursue her passion project: developing an app to give beachgoers all the information for their day in the sun and sand. After considering endless potential names, she settled on Beacheo, an app that offers a better way to beach. Read more about the Beacheo app here.

Photo: Kaylee Greer © Dog Breath Photography
Hair: Maria Petti
Make-up: Emily Keyes